This dark amber honey has a unique and nearly intoxicating aroma and flavor. The bees collect pollen from primarily Shea Nut, Acacia, and Baobab tree flowers to produce this unique honey.

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“The Egyptians considered raw honey a sacred food, and with good reason”

The plant from which the bees graze lends another highly sought after property to the honey—a rich, luxurious and unique flavor profile. Raw honey is similar to wine in that each species of plant imparts a unique taste to the final product and produces an incredible spectrum of color and consistencies, ranging from a thick, black molasses-like syrup to a light, amber-colored liquid.

In order for honey to retain its medicinal properties, it must be consumed in a form as close to its natural, raw state as possible. This means that ideally, honey should be unfiltered, unheated (unpasteurized) and raw. In addition, bees should be harvesting from wild or organically grown plants. Though this can be difficult to ensure, it is important not only for the final quality of the raw honey but also for the health of the bees as well.

In recent years, massive numbers of honey bees have been mysteriously dying in alarming numbers. Intensive research has determined that high levels of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals are the primary culprit. By purchasing your raw honey from beekeepers who adhere to only the highest quality standards, you can play a direct role in keeping bee populations healthy and thriving despite the threats they are facing. Moreover, you can help preserve the ecosystems that bees influence, since cross-pollination is critical to the health of almost every biome on the planet.

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