African angel diabetes solution is organic diabetes solution which helps reduce carbohydrate absorption into the system. This solution is a catalyst trace mineral solution blended with herbs. It helps to increase the activity of the pancreases to bring sugar levels under control within a short time. It also helps to reduce carbohydrate absorption into the system. There are no preservatives added and it is produced under strict hygienic conditions. The ingredients are blended together, filtered and immediately bottled.

Ingredients: Folic acid, ginger root, garlic cloves, fenugreek, cayenne pepper, oregano oil, pine oil, trivalent chromium, and vanadium: vanadyl (iv) sulfate, aloe Vera and distilled water.

folic acid, supreme folic & humic complex aids in the elimination of harmful toxins: in the body, folic acid and humic acid molecules release trace minerals, amino acids, and other
nutrients required for optimal cell function.


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