October 26, 2021

Ready to kickstart your health-conscious journey for 2022? It all begins with the right grocery list for your fitness and wellness plans. Each year, we see new dietary trends rise and fall, and in the same way, 2022 has a few key products you must keep on your shopping list. These health-focused grocery items are not only good for you but for the environment also.

Every year Whole Foods reports the best 10 most expected food patterns as chosen by 50 colleagues who are “including nearby foragers, provincial and worldwide purchasers, and culinary specialists.” The organization just uncovered the freshest picks, and they share a couple of things for all intents and purposes.

“As the food business gradually acclimates to another normal, we hope to see customers focus on food and drink items that convey extra advantages… and items that help their feeling of prosperity, as metropolitan farming and items developed with cultivating measures that assist cope up with wellbeing decline,” says Sonya Gafsi Oblisk, Chief Marketing Officer at Whole Foods Market.

So, without waiting, let’s dive into the most anticipated items that gym-goers, Yoga moms and wellbeing enthusiasts will add to their carts.

Ultra Urban Farming

Metropolitan cultivating, or growing green products in a city or exceptionally populated region, is gaining popularity, Whole Foods says. Hope to see more ultra-urban cultivating items advance toward supermarkets one year from now. These are food varieties developed with the advancements metropolitan cultivating has made—like tank-farming, mushrooms developed above staple walkways, and even things developed by robots. Mubarak store specifically stocks several urban farming products, ready to be shipped at great deals.

Yuzu Citrus Fruit

This natural product is found in abundance in Japan, Korea, and China, and will “sparkle in 2022—both on and off the basic food item passageways,” the Amazon-claimed chain says. Yuzu will spring up in huge loads of vinaigrettes, hard seltzers, mayos, and more as well as making it onto café menus. Hope to see it on your shopping cart soon enough!


Eating less meat is simpler than any time in recent memory nowadays on account of options that look, smell, and taste like genuine articles. In any case, for the people who need to in any case have meat yet need to “make the most of [it]”, Whole Foods makes statements like 100% grass-took care of Bison bars, field raised eggs, 100% natural meat and veggie burgers, and natural milk will become the dominant focal point in 2022.


Eating less meat is simpler than any time in recent memory nowadays on account of options that look, smell, and taste Customers will see hibiscus’ pink shading all around the supermarket one year from now, as makers are utilizing its sweet and tart character for something beyond tea. Attempt the pattern as organic product spreads, yoghurts, and more for a major nutrient C lift.

Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Like eating less meat, Whole Foods says drinking less liquor will be another famous staple pattern organizations will exploit in 2022, with “dialled-down spirits” acquiring ubiquity in the organization’s stores this year. New arrangements of non-cocktails will dispatch, with all the taste and none of the buzz (or the harmful incidental effects).

Customers will see more zero-proof bourbon, non-alcoholic canned mixed drinks, virgin refined botanicals, and surprisingly a rum option on the racks at their local Whole Foods soon.

Harmless to the ecosystem Grains

Like eating less meat, WholeWith an end goal to be more aware of their organization’s carbon impression, “Staple grains are pulling together on the climate in 2022,” Whole Foods says in the patterns report. “We’re talking grains developed through agribusiness practices and cultivating measures that assist address with ruining wellbeing.”

Everything from oat to brew will be made with grains like Kernza, which was created by The Land Institute to assist with soil wellbeing and supplement cycling.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower seeds aren’t only for eating while at the same time watching a game any longer. This plant-based wellspring of protein, fats, and different supplements will be a staple fixing in numerous basic food item things one year from now. Think that it is in more saltines, milk choices, nut spreads, frozen yoghurts, and all the more soon.


Sunflower sMoringa is “generally utilized as a natural cure in India, Africa, and then some” and has huge loads of supplements. Track down this green-hued expansion in numerous treats, protein bars, grain mixes, and more one year from now, Whole Foods says in the 2022 pattern report.

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Nutritious Sparkling Beverages 

The refreshment passageway will be rising with new things in 2022, Whole Foods predicts, and one sort of drink that will become the dominant focal point is useful ones that balance useful for-you fixings with pleasantness. 

“We’re talking soft drink with probiotics and bubbly tonics with added prebiotics, botanicals and then some. Fruity flavours. Eccentric fixings. Get more from your effervescent beverages,” the supermarket chain says.


“The brilliant zest” is one staple customers have presumably known about, as it has filled in notoriety throughout the long term. In any case, this Ayurvedic and conventional Chinese restorative fixing is coming to grains, sauerkrauts, frozen yoghurt, granola, bread, sandwiches, and more in 2022. 

This pattern is an incredible sound one—here’s the reason you ought to eat turmeric at the present time. 
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